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Lukkr | InstaSearch: Quickly search 200+ services in place. Multiple search engines for web, music, videos, photos, mp3, radios, documents, files, local, maps, news, finance, jobs, shopping, deals, dictionary, reference and more.. Lukkr makes your search easier and faster. One time keyword for all search. Type in the search box and hit enter - DoubleClick to reset the search box. Bookmark or Add to your Browser for quick access. If you find any issues while searching please sendto us.

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Lukkr | Smart social sharing: Let your visitors quickly share your content everywhere. Lukkr sharebar helps your visitors easily share, save, promote your content to more than 200+ social sharing - bookmarking service like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and drive more traffic back to your websites and blogs. Get everything on your website and keep visitors on your website longer time. Less code does more... Add It Now ►

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